Carryduff Colts 2008s v Braniel

Carryduff Colts 2008s - Braniel
24 Oct 2015Braniel
(Left to Right) - Lewis, Owen, Jack McD, Rhys, Oisin I, Ciaran, Danny

(Left to Right) –
Lewis, Owen, Jack McD, Rhys, Oisin I, Ciaran, Danny

Carryduff Colts 2008s met Braniel in a pulsating, keenly fought and competitive game at the outdoor grass mini-pitch at Braniel on Saturday 24th October in cold conditions. 
Braniel started brightly with some nice skill and passing to take the lead but Carryduff came back quickly and stayed focused on the job in hand. Some superb dribbling skills and twists and turns from Jack McD and Rhys up front saw Carryduff keep the match keenly contested and as a result Carryduff just edged it at the end of the first period.
In the second period Braniel came on the offensive from the whistle but Danny proved rock solid defensively to keep them at bay. The Carryduff defence displayed excellent awareness of their team-mates up front to ensure Carryduff remained in control of the game at this stage. Owen showed some perfect examples of tackling and ball winning and surely must be exhausted with the effort he put in. When Braniel did get past the Carryduff defence, Ciaran proved a safe pair of hands in goals, keeping the score close going into the third period. At the end of the second period Oisin combined with Ciaran’s  sublime pass to score an ‘off the knee’ goal which sailed into the top corner of the net to keep Carryduff in the game.
The final period was a tense affair, but started well for Carryduff with some excellent skill and strength from Lewis, who Braniel found difficult to deal with at all stages of the game.
Overall, the evenly contested match was a great spectacle for football at this age group and all players for both Braniel and Carryduff should be very proud of themselves.