U12 2006 Year Group

The year group is made up of 3 teams competing in the South Belfast Youth League (SBYL).

The coaching approach is player centred with a focus on the following:

  • Introducing new players to the sport, helping them acquire basic skills and build their confidence within a competitive team environment
  • Nurturing existing talent to further develop and refine player skills through a range of drills within the principles of play framework
  • Attacking Principles
    • Penetrationplayer_ball_w_logo
    • Support
    • Width
    • Mobility
    • Improvisation/Creativity
  • Defensive Principles
    • Delay
    • Depth
    • Balance
    • Concentration
    • Composure/discipline/patience
  • Player focused approach ensuring a safe, supportive and encouraging environment


Training Schedule:

Each Thursday, Shaw’s Bridge grass pitches 123 Milton Road Belfast BT8 4XP as listed below.

Date Day and Time
Under 12s (2006s) Thursdays 6.30-8pm