Focus on – Mark Cleary

Mark Cleary (U15s)

What football team do you support?

Manchester United

Why did you start supporting them?

My cousin introduced them to me when I was little

Secret favourite other team

Sligo Rovers

Current favourite player?

Cristiano Ronaldo

All-time favourite player?

Ryan Giggs

Earliest memory of football?

Playing matches in the playground at school

Favourite pre-match meal?


Favourite post-match meal?


Best goal you ever saw?

Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick against Manchester City

Best Colts match you played in?

When I scored a hat-trick last season

Best Colts goal

When I ran from the half way with the ball and hit it past the keeper last season

Favourite Carryduff Colts moment

Drawing 2-2 with the A team in Ayr after being 2-0 down

Best achievement in football?

Man Of The Match awards

Biggest disappointment in football?

Losing to Rosario 4 times in one year especially as it was my old club

Favourite pitch to play on?

Hydebank pitches

Who do you think will win Euro 2016?

Republic of Ireland

Favourite song?

Redemption Days by Josh Osho

Person you’d most like to meet?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most difficult opponent (Carryduff Colts)

Eoin Haigney as he always nutmegs me

Favourite training drill

Shooting practice

Least favourite training drill






Favourite food


Favourite TV show

The Class of 92: out of their league

Favourite singer/band

Calvin Harris

Who do you think will win the premiership 2015/16

Hopefully Manchester United

Favourite joke

What does QPR stand for – Quite Possibly Relegated!

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