COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols

Carryduff Colts FC Covid-19 return to play protocols

Carryduff Colts have issued COVID-19 return to play protocols for training, matches and club activity. These protocols must be followed by all club volunteers, players and player’s parents/guardians, and are in accordance with Government and IFA advice.

Carryduff Colts FC teams can return to training and matches from August 17th 2020 providing these protocols are being strictly followed.

For any information, questions or queries regarding these procedures first speak to the head coach or the COVID representative for your team/year group. In addition you can email with any concerns or issues.

Carryduff Colts FC is taking extremely seriously the health of our members, their families and the wider community.

For update information see the IFA Cornovirus News:

And Government latest Coronavirus-Covid-19 Guidance:


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