AGM Notice

Dear Member,

The club will hold its AGM on Tuesday 28th June 7pm, at Cooke Rugby Club. Under the constitution:

(a) The Club Executive Committee shall consist of the following Club Officers: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Child Welfare Officer, Head of Mini Soccer, Fund Raising Officer, Chair of the club’s Junior Committee, Chair of the club’s senior committee and other officers, as proposed, plus up to 5 other members, elected at an Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with above, the committee has decided that new officers are required for:

  • Head of Girls Football
  • Project Officer
  • Communication Officer
  • Fundraising Officer

It is also proposed that the current Vice Chair position title be amended to Vice Chair/Director of Football and that the current Treasurer’s position should be amended to say Vice Chairman/Treasurer.

Furthermore, the committee has decided that in the interests of good governance one week’s notice will be required for all new nominations for officer roles or positions on the committee. Current office bearers will be deemed interested in continuing on in their roles unless they advise otherwise. Nominations for new/change of  year heads should also be submitted and it will again be assumed that current year heads intend to stay in post unless otherwise notified. Attendees will be asked to agree all positions but If there is more than one nominee for a post a vote by a show of hands will take place. Only those in attendance will have a vote. Any proposed changes to the current constitution or any other proposed change to the club (structure, league membership etc) should also be proposed a week in advance.

Therefore, Monday, 20th June at 6pm will be deadline for notification of current officers’ intention to resign, nomination of new officers and changes to the existing constitution.

The agenda for the AGM will be:

  • Welcome
  • Chairman’s remarks
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Election of committee members and year heads
  • Proposed changes to constitution
  • Proposed changes on any other issue (eg club structure, league membership etc)
  • Any other business

Vice Chairperson (Director of Football)
Welfare Officers x 2
Head of Girls Football
Chair of Senior Section
Chair of Under-Age League Football
Chair of Mini Football section

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