Help win sporting equipment for Carryduff Colts

Help win £4,000 worth of sporting equipment for Carryduff Colts

1 in 4 local young people struggle with their mental health in Northern Ireland, a very worrying statistic for any parent or guardian to hear.

Taking part in sport has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits for children. Participating in sports and playing in teams provides children with a life-long support system of friends and mentors and can improve their social skills, self-esteem, body confidence, and ability to deal with peer pressure.

That’s why Lidl have launched the Community Works Sport For Good programme. Their mission is to encourage young people to make the most of the physical and mental benefits of taking part in sports so they can have a healthy body and mind.

Please help Colts by filling in the on-line form each time you shop at a Lidl store.

To find out how you can nominate your Carryduff Colts to win, visit

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