Carryduff Colts 2008s v Carryduff Jets 2008s

Carryduff Colts 2008s - Carryduff Jets 2008s
14 Nov 2015

There are local derbies and there are local derbies. The El Clasico and the Old Firm may be known as some the biggest in the world, but on the morning of Saturday 17th November, before the Barcelona and Real Madrid players had got up out of bed, the biggest game in town was Carryduff Colts 2008s against Carryduff Jets 2008s with one team in the blue and one team in the yellow.  The game was not short of action and some late controversy.

The game was evenly an evenly matched one, Oisin L in particular scored a scorcher of a goal from well outside the box to leave the goalkeeper with no chance. Eoin and Aaron displayed some great tackling and turning with the ball and Oliver was very strong in defence, with some fantastic tackling at the back.

Callum, Ben, Lewis and Oisin I all took their turns in goals and had some great saves from very strong shots from Luke M, Noah, Rafe and Wiktor. Jack V and Luke W had a great game and ran their hearts out.

Man of the match goes to Wiktor who scored numerous goals, so many in fact he was not allowed past the half way line for the last 10 minutes.

Any suggestion that the referee should wear glasses is well wide of the mark, as the late penalty should have been awarded as it was definitely a foul inside the box (probably).

All in all a great game in a great spirit, and one the only derby game that Carryduff will be talking about on the night of Saturday 21st November.

Special thanks go to Dixons Contractors who sponsored the Carryduff Colts hooded tops which both teams were presented with before the game.