Carryduff Jets 2008 v Lower Maze

Carryduff Jets 2008 - Lower Maze
23 Apr 2016Hillsborough Boys Indoor Arena

2016-04-23 11.24.54XThe 2008 Jets team played a very strong Lower Maze team today and a regular core of Jack, Luke W, Luke S, Callum and Eoin were assisted by some of the other 2008 team regulars.

Jack, Luke S and Eoin all shared goalkeeping duties throughout the three periods and each of them made some fantastic saves as the game went on against a sharp shooting and strong Lower Maze team.

Very impressive today was how Luke S played in defence for periods today and broke down the Lower Maze forwards as they attacked.

Luke W had some lovely interceptions and was aware enough to keep his head up and look out for his team mates, which helped move quickly from defence to attack. Callum and Jack covered every blade of grass today and showed their positive attitude and determination in keeping going strong right until the final whistle.

This week’s man of the match goes to Eoin who always looked in control when he got the ball.

This would have been a tough game for any of the 2008 Carryduff teams, but there is a lot to be proud of in how all the team played. Well done to all involved!