Colts Mini-Soccer Fixtures for September 2016

The Mini-Soccer (2006-2009) fixtures for September have been published for the first four weeks of the season. The below table indicates dates, times and locations for each team entered. Official mini-soccer fixtures for younger age groups from 2010 and 2011 will take place in December.

Once you have registered with the club, your year head coach will inform you of any matches your child will be playing in.

10th September 17th September 24th September 1st October
Carryduff 2009 09.30 H’boro Arena P1 v A’Town Celtic 11.45 Knockbreda v Rosario 09.15 Knockbreda v Clonduff 09.15 Knockbreda v Ridgeway
Carryduff Colts 2009 09.15 Knockbreda v Clonduff 09.15 Knockbreda v Ridgeway 09.30 H’Boro Arena P1 v H’Boro 09.30 Ballyoran v Dungoyne
Carryduff Jets 2009 11.45 Knockbreda v Rosario Colts 09.30 Ballyoran v Dungoyne Colts 09.30 H’Boro Arena P3 v Crumlin 10.30 H’Boro Arena P2 v H’Boro Colts
Carryduff Tigers 2009 11.30 H’boro Arena P2 v A’Town Colts 09.30 H’Boro Arena P2 v  H’Boro Jets 11.45 Knockbreda v TW Braga 11.45 Knockbreda v Blackstaff
Carryduff Pumas 2009 10.55 Knocbreda v Lower Maze Colts 11.30 H’Boro Arena P3 v A’Town Colts 11.30 H’Boro Arena P3 v Glenavy Colts 10.55 Knockbreda v H’Boro Jets
Carryduff 2008 09.30 Knockbreda v Braniel 11.30 Leisureplex P1 v H’Boro 11.45 Hydebank P1 v Ridgeway 09.30 Hydebank P2 v Celtic Boys
Carryduff Colts 2008 10.05 Hydebank P2 v Crumlin 11.45 Hydebank P1 v Rosario Colts 10.55 Hydebank P1 v Lower Maze 10.30 Knockbreda v Dungoyne
Carryduff Jets 2008 09.30 Leisureplex P2 v H’Boro Jets 11.45 Hydebank P2 v Lisburn Youth 10.05 Hydebank P1 v Glendowan Colts 09.30 Hydebank P1 v Ridgeway Jets
Carryduff 2007 09.30 Lough Moss P1 v Rosario 10.30 Moat Park P2 v Ballyclare 11.30 Moat Park P1 v Dungoyne 09.30 Lough Moss P1 v H’Boro
Carryduff Colts 2007 10.30 Lough Moss P1 v TW Braga 10.30 Lough Moss P2 v Glenavy Youth 09.30 Lough Moss P1 v Rosario Colts 11.30 Lough Moss P1 v Celtic Boys
Carryduff Jets 2007 10.30 Moat Park P2 v Harland 09.30 Lough Moss P1 v Lisburn Rangers 11.30 Moat Park P2 v Ridgeway Jets 09.30 Lough Moss P2 v Clarawood
Carryduff 2006 09.30 Hydebank P5 v Braniel 10.00 Leisureplex Grass v H’Boro 10.30 Hydebank P5 v A’Town Celtic 09.30 Hydebank P6 v Lower Maze
Carryduff Colts 2006 10.30 Hydebank P5 v Crumlin 09.30 Hydebank P5 v T’Monagh 10.30 Hydebank P6 v H’Boro 09.30 Hydebank P5 v Harland

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